The final tweets, texts and posts of our dearly departed.

Ashley Duncan | 1995 - 2012

Instagram via Twitter

Teen Ashley Duncan posted this picture of her father’s gun moments before committing suicide over a breakup with her ex-girlfriend.

In the days leading up to her death, Ashley wrote increasingly dark posts on Tumblr and Twitter — but friends didn’t think she was being serious. Her story demonstrates just how important it is to know the signs and take action.

Rose Mayr | 11.05.1992 - 08.21.2012

Rose Mayr and her friend, Elizabeth Nass, were hanging out on a railroad bridge in their hometown of Ellicott City — spending a final summer night together before heading back to college. Rose posted this picture just moments before a coal train jumped the tracks and killed the two 19-year-old women.

Jessica Ghawi | 11.27.1987 - 7.20.2012

Via Twitter

Jessica Gwahi (who went by Redfield professionally) was an aspiring sportscaster. She was killed in the senseless Colorado movie theater massacre by gunman James Holmes. Jessica was tweeting while waiting for the premiere of “The Dark Knight” to begin when Holmes opened fire on the crowded theater, killing 12 and wounding 58 others.

Kevin Bowman | 1960 - 2012

“There’s somethin’ creepin ‘cross the road…”

Via Facebook

Kevin was a community builder and career musician. His final post was a video for his song “Chupacabra.” While most definitely written about the mythical goat-sucker, the lyrics take on a beautifully haunting meaning in the context of his passing, as if he knew he was within sight of something unknown.

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